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Physical And Mental Health International Awareness

The primary goal for the Physical & Mental Health campaign is to promote physical and mental wellness while involving the members of the sorority, Delta Academy, and the community. With generous hearts we reach within ourselves to share the blessings that have been bestowed on us in this very important initiative toward healthy living and fitness.

Our first project for the 2004-2005-program year is the "La Posada 2004" Aids Walk. This three-mile walk will help us to raise funds for the Aids Service Center (ASC), while benefiting our own cardiovascular health. The objective is to involve as many sorors, friends and family members as possible. Walking has great health benefits. It can help ward off a stroke. Taking B vitamins reduce blood levels of homocysteine, an amino acid that appears to be related to an increased risk of stroke.

Our second task for the 2004-2005-program year is an initiative titled Project Giving whereby we adopt a family and/or families in need of support during the holiday season. Of the twenty-one characteristics of and effective leader as describe by author and leadership scholar John Maxwell, generosity is number one. Generosity is a network of invisible threads of kindness linking us together. Generosity is like a treasure chest that grants wishes.

Finally in during the month of February 2005, our third undertaking for this program year was Project Recycling. We involved members of the Delta Academy, our families and the community. Project Recycling provided us with an opportunity to raise funds that were donated, utilized for our National Day of Service.