Chapter Presidents

The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Pasadena Alumnae Chapter is an integral part of the educational, cultural, and social structure of the Greater Pasadena community. Through the depth, breadth, strong and committed leadership of our chapter presidents we have had a tradition of significant accomplishments within the Greater Pasadena community. Our legacy of chapter presidents include:

Ethel White 1960-1962
Jane Strong 1962-1964
Eve Clark 1964-1966
Dorothy Martin 1966-1968
Camille Van Hargis 1968-1970
Trudi Taylor 1970-1972
Verna Crowe 1972-1974
Argola E. Haynes 1974-1976
Sandra Hoskins Wilkins 1976-1978
Joanne Smallwood 1978-1980
Dr. Gwendolyn Sherard-Bishop 1980-1982
Bettye Holliday 1982-1984
Anita Jackson 1984-1986
Gwen Jackson Lisboa 1986-1997
Brenda Bullock 1987-1989
Deborah Blanton Williams 1989-1991
Denise M. Bentley 1991-1993
Dr. Elaine Harris 1993-1995
Joyce Cox 1995-1996
Nylia Burch 1996-1998
Joyce Cox 1998-2000
Dr. Norma Sublett 2000-2002
Juanita West Tillman 2002-2004
Yvonne Brown 2004-2006
Gwendolyn W. McMullins 2006-2010
Kathy Murrell 2010-2012
Ellen Ligons 2012-2014
Tanya Coob 2014-2016
Pixie Boyden 2016-